Conversations to Transform Health and Care in Scarborough

Thursday 11th July – Woodend Creative, Scarborough

Our second set of conversations to Transform Health and Care took place in Scarborough. From the moment I picked up the 9-seater charabanc (I had asked the car hire company for a big boot!) I knew this was going to be an interesting day.

For many of us long term residents of Leeds the A64 is a special road, full of memories of days on the North York Moors or the Yorkshire Riviera.  And as the familiar sights and sounds of Scarborough appeared I had to remind myself I was here to work – not stroll on the beach!

About 30 people from a range of backgrounds, and all over the north of England, came together to take part in an ‘Open Space’ afternoon to explore how digital might be used to transform health and care.

We held a total of seven conversations over the afternoon.  These are listed below and each is accompanied by a short write up and some graphics too.  Just click the links on the ones that interest you.  And please do join the conversation by using the comments to add your experiences and insights or to ask questions.

It was such a pleasure to see people smiling, connecting with new people  and generally enjoying the work!   Scarborough has a population of about 61 000, so it is not a big place, and yet people working in the same field in the same town met each other for the first time.  It was especially lovely to see the education team from York Hospitals Trust talking to social workers from Scarborough about setting up some joint training.  This just would not have happened had they not this chance to meet and talk about ‘what matter most’.

Here are some notes from the conversations we held in Scarborough and some of the images that Tom drew to go with them…

    1. Annis Coby, Re-Shape, How do we better connect our health service to facilitate referrals? 
    2. Vanessa Garrity, Yorkshire & the Humber NHS Leadership Academy‘How do we promote the positive aspects of coastal towns?’
    3. Tim Hunt, Medical Ed Tech specialist, York Teaching HospitalEngaging with digital functions within the NHS’ 
    4. David Jackson, Scarborough and Ryedale Carers ResourceHow to better include carers’ 
    5. Richard Askew, Askew Brook , ‘Appetite for Risk’
    6. Simon Town, Roots of Ygdrassil/ Rachel Benn, Leeds LibrariesHow do we better help communities and how do we motivate people to access digital health services?’ 
    7. Meshell HeelbeckHow can we use technology in prevention?’

We’d love to know what you’ve learned, reflected on, what you feel you want to continue talking about. If you’d like to write a post for the blog, share your notes or help us connect with other people who might like to join the conversations please do let us know through the comments here…

Our next date in September will be in Hull, location and date to be confirmed, let us know if you know of a great location and people we should be including in the event.

Conversations to Transform Health and Care

To see what we talked about when we visited York… click here

Conversations to transform health and care – Scarborough 11th July

We are holding a series of FREE events to bring together people who know and care about

  • how health and care might be improved (patients, clinicians, carers, charities, social enterprises, local authority staff and others)
  • how digital and technology can be used to improve health and care (technologists, data experts, service designers and others)
  • how worthwhile ideas are supported with time, money and know-how to bring them to life

We will bring to the events people who know and care about the use of digital and technology to improve health and care services and who are looking for people and ideas that they can help to support as necessary

In short we are bringing together

  • people who know about what needs to be made better in our health and care work and
  • people that know how to use technology and digital services to make this happen and
  • people with the resources to support the work.

These free to attend events will provide you with a friendly and effective space to meet the people that can help you make things happen.  Although we will start with lots of talking and meeting people we will soon move on to the question of ‘what might we get done together that we can’t struggling to do alone?’

You might choose

  • to bring an idea or project of your own that you want some support to make happen,
  • or to look for other people’s ideas that you want to support.
  • or to come along to find out what this is all about

Whatever your reason we would really like you to join us!  We can promise you a friendly, inclusive and potentially very powerful few hours.

Lunch is included, the venue is fully accessible and a short walk from the train Station. Please let us know if you have any additional requirements when you register.

We’re interested to hear if you’d need a creche facility to enable you to participate, contact us if this is relevant to you.

Still not sure?

If there costs associated with coming to the event make you think twice, do drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do