Conversations to Transform Health and Care in Hull

Our third set of conversations to Transform Health and Care took place in Hull.  It was quite an emotional experience for me to go back to the Thornton Estate, home of the Goodwin Development Trust where I did quite a bit of work many years back!

People from a range of backgrounds, and from across the city, came together to take part in an ‘Open Space’ afternoon to explore how digital might be used to transform health and care.

We held a total of seven conversations over the afternoon.  These are listed below and each is accompanied by a short write up and some graphics too.  Just click the links on the ones that interest you.  And please do join the conversation by using the comments to add your experiences and insights or to ask questions.

It was such a pleasure to see people smiling, connecting with new people  and generally enjoying the work!   Hull has a population of about 285 000, so it is not a big city, and yet people working in the same field in the same town met each other for the first time.

Here are some notes from the conversations we held in Hull and some of the images that Tom drew to go with them…

    1. Who is Not in the Room? – a conversation about inclusion
    2. Shared Language – on all levels
    3. Technology, Productivity and Workforce
    4. Technology and Smart Cities
    5. Social Prescribing
    6. What do we do if the Connectivity isn’t There?
    7. Linking Up Services to Support People’s Needs

We’d love to know what you’ve learned, reflected on, what you feel you want to continue talking about. If you’d like to write a post for the blog, share your notes or help us connect with other people who might like to join the conversations please do let us know through the comments here…

Conversations to Transform Health and Care

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