Progress School – New Dates added and rumours of a party

Mike has been running Progress School for 10 years now, and we think that calls for a bit of a celebration.  The next dates are Tuesday October 29th and Thursday 28th November.  You can register to attend either here. There’s a choice of morning or post work timings to suit.

Oh and about that 10 year thing…

Because we think it’s cause for celebration, we’d like to invite all that have attended Progress School over the last ten years to  our November date for a knees up,  a catch up, a chance to find out what progress has looked like for you over the last ten years. Please do join us at Playlab at the St John’s Centre for a BYOB type party and we’ll celebrate, share and hear the good, the bad and the interesting times together.  Hopefully we’ll get our diaries out and book dates in for 2020 to continue connecting and becoming, If you want to bring something or someone along with you please do. (Emma says she’s got a box of Naked Wines she can’t drink alone so will donate these to the get together)

What if you didn’t come to Progress School but would like to come party anyway? Be our guest

RSVP here

Paradigm Shifting…

In many contexts (economic development, education, management, strategy, leadership, culture, health, digital/software development) the current dominant assumptions, norms and and codes of practice are no longer serving us well.  The current paradigms are starting to creak.  Increasing demand and complexity coupled with lack of investment are causing major problems.

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How can we use technology in prevention?

Conversation starter: Meshell Heelbeck 

There are already plenty of ways we can use technology in prevention. You can get falls detectors, bed sensors, epilepsy sensors, and lots more. Data can help us work out when people need help, monitoring how quickly and slowly people are completing tasks to work out if they need any additional support, physio etc.  Continue reading How can we use technology in prevention?

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