Sparks in York 2019

Friday 13th December – SPARK, York

So it was the morning after polling day that we got to host our second Thrive Together Event in York.

No doubt for many of the folk it was a morning full of hope and possibility.  For others of fear and sorrow.

But we all gathered together to meet people with passion, responsibility and sometimes both to talk more about what might effectively transform our experiences of health and care in York.

A group people from a range of backgrounds, and all over the north of England, came together to take part in the ‘Open Space’ afternoon to explore how technology might be used to transform health and care.

We held a total of 8 conversations over the afternoon.  These are listed below and each is accompanied by a short write up and some graphics too.  Just click the links on the ones that interest you.  And please do join the conversation by using the comments to add your experiences and insights or to ask questions.

Once again, it was a pleasure to see people smiling, connecting with new people and generally enjoying the work despite the divisive circumstances of the election.

Here are the conversations…

    1. Rebecca Carr, Kaizen Arts Agency:  Does Community Led Housing Work?
    2. Jake Freeman, Secret Helpers of York: Mental health and everyday life: getting past the stats
    3. Griselda Goldsborough, York Teaching Hospital: How can we use VR in health and care settings?
    4. Chris Bailey, Guild of Media Arts: How can we use public space to enhance human rights?
    5. Mike Richardson, City of York Council: Humanising health and social care 
    6. Nicholas Dugdale, Hapnin: What does social health look like? 
    7. Ian Smithies, City of York Council: Smart tech: what are your experiences and expectations? 
    8. Laura Howard, Artist: Can we use healthcare images to empower and educate patients?

We’d love to know what you’ve learned, reflected on, what you feel you want to continue talking about. If you’d like to write a post for the blog, share your notes or help us connect with other people who might like to join the conversations please do let us know through the comments here…

If we can connect people with passion and responsibility around some of these conversations perhaps we can start to make a change…

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