How can we use public space to enhance human rights?

Conversation starter: Chris Bailey (Guild of Media Arts)

Chris opened by saying the results of research on life expectancy in various wards of York had been particularly shocking. What can be done to make use of public space to bring communities together and begin to close the gap? 

We discussed holding events in public space that deliver education but under the umbrella of an activity. For example, you could hold a football tournament, and use it to deliver information around nutrition and exercise. The events become a hub for the community, but also a means of communicating with hard-to-reach groups.  

The group agreed that people attending these events often have as much to give as they receive, so we need to be aware of that and harness it. Empower people to be a part of the events they are attending. It should not be simply a passive experience. 

Denise commented that she sees a lot of community events where the majority of attendees are middle class. How do we engage working class people? Can we be more creative about the type of events we put on, get input from different backgrounds about what they would like to see? Could we then use that information to shape events around the needs of working class people, or support them to create their own? 

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