What does social health look like? 

Conversation starter: Nicholas Dugdale (Hapnin)

Nicholas wanted to discuss ways to bring people together to improve their quality of life. He is keen to draw together a community that wants to put on their own activities and support them to do it. His fledgling social enterprise, based in York, is called Hapnin. 

Denise shared her own experiences working with people on the edges of society, the challenges they face and how little support there is. We talked about initiatives already running that support these people, e.g the carers Christmas Dinners, started by Lemn Sissay MBE. Wouldn’t it be great to have one in York too? 

Denise shared her experience of fundraising and running a large event for care leavers in Liverpool and how well received it was by the participants.  

We need to facilitate the building of networks and communities for those who have little support of their own. If only society could be like a big family for everyone, especially those who are vulnerable and need it most. 

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