What do we do if the connectivity isn’t there?

What do we do if the connectivity isn’t there? How do we overcome?

This conversation was proposed by Kerry and soon took the form of an interactive art installation made up of knives, forks and soup bowls arranged on the floor – our Open Space event caters for all learning styles!

Some of what was discussed in this conversation was about infrastructure – rural areas have a lot less connectivity than urban – but some of it was about access, which inevitably includes issues such as GDPR and professional status/permissions.

There was also some conversation about how lots of things are linked, but there is always another nook and cranny to find out about, and that is why there is a role for a link person or Care Navigator. There was some frustration – “the system is shit” – but also the (age-old?) realisation – everything is really linked, we all really need each other, we just need better communication.

Kerry created a model in which everything was connected to everything else – so no vertical siloes, just data flowing everywhere in every direction, which she thought would be a good thing, and she asked “Am I being naive?” The answer from Adam Jennison, from Hull City Council’s Smarter Cities agenda, was “Yes”. Kerry was quite happy with this answer, and determined in future that she would direct her attention and energy to smaller number of data hubs, rather than shouting out to everybody! The next question for her was – so which hubs?

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