HULL: Conversations to Transform Health and Care

Back in June we started a process of bringing people together to host conversations about how to transform health and care in York, Scarborough and beyond. We are due to bring people from all walks of life and professions together in Hull on the 26th November.  We hope you’ll join us.

To gain an understanding of the kinds of conversations and people who have joined in over the last few months here are short videos from York and Scarborough. If you read back through the blog section of the website you’ll gain a picture from each of the conversations as to the themes, concerns and opportunities that are connecting people from across the Humber, Coast and Vale region.

Why join us? 

You want to spend time with people from across your region who know and care about:

  • how health and care might be improved (patients, clinicians, carers, charities, social enterprises, local authority staff and others)
  • how digital and technology can be used to improve health and care (technologists, data experts, service designers and others)
  • how worthwhile ideas are supported with time, money and know-how to bring them to life

We will bring to the events people who know and care about the use of digital and technology to improve health and care services and who are looking for people and ideas that they can help to support as necessary.

We are bringing together

  • people who know about what needs to be made better in our health and care work
  • people who know how to use technology and digital services to make this happen
  • people with the resources to support the work.

These free to attend events will provide you with a friendly and effective space to meet the people who can help you make things happen. Although we will start with lots of talking and meeting people we will soon move on to the question of ‘what might we get done together that we can’t struggling to do alone?’

You might choose

  • to bring an idea or project of your own that you want some support to make happen
  • to look for other people’s ideas that you want to support.
  • to come along and find out what this is all about

Whatever your reason we would really like you to join us! We can promise you a friendly, inclusive and potentially very powerful few hours.

Lunch is included, the venue is fully accessible and a short walk from the train stations.

Book your free place here Hull on the 25th October and/or York the 23rd October or both! Do spread the word.


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