How do we better connect our health services to facilitate referrals?

Conversation starter: Annis Cordy, Re:Shape 

Annis was keen to find a better way to connect all available health services, so that patients and professionals have a clearer idea of what’s out there, and which path they should take for the best treatment or support. 

The group discussed not knowing what’s available – not being able to look for what you don’t know exists. Even if you know about a service, or have heard of them, you might not make the connection, or have a clear enough idea about their service offering to think of trying them. You might not know how to get a referral – who to speak to, what the process is. 

There are services out there that provide similar functions, and potentially duplicate information and support. It would be helpful to connect those dots. Where are the gaps? Where are the overlaps? If there are organisations out there doing similar things, what can they learn from each other? 

We decided a good solution would be a database that helps people navigate all health services.  A digital flow-chart that allows users to view options and select the best one for their needs. Everything in one place, personalised for every user.




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