Transformation without fear

The first ‘Conversations to Transform Health and Care’ event was held at the Priory Street Centre, York, on 26th June 2019. 

The aim? To bring together different ideas and experiences from across the health and care sector. To share perspectives present, past and future. To think about how we can improve the sector, and how we support ideas to come to fruition. 

The ‘open space’ format allows attendees to dictate the flow by electing to lead their own conversations, then voting with their feet.  

Attendees proposed eight conversations (follow the links to read about them in more detail): 

  • How do you motivate someone to engage with digital health solutions? 
  • What digital tools and resources have been developed/are in development to support the delivery of the care services of the future? 
  • How can the health and care services extract value from the Chain Network? 
  • Data 
  • Innovative ways to encourage children to eat healthily to combat future mental health issues and obesity 

Then, after a short break: 

  • How do we stay better connected? 
  • How do service-users influence the system when the system is not listening? 
  • What do we do first? 

The conversations varied in theme, but core issues kept returning throughout the afternoon. 

There was concern around how we integrate technology into our lives in a way that improves connection, instead of making us more isolated. Digital brings endless possibilities, yet many patients and service users are at risk of slipping through the cracks. Attendees were in agreement that we must maintain the human element. Digital should form part of the solution rather than the whole piece. 

There were also recurring discussions around the transparency and accessibility of information in the health and care sectors. The systems aren’t working for us yet. Some attendees felt that technology promised to free us, but sometimes it feels like the opposite is true. When tech is implemented poorly or not fit for purpose it can hold us captive, increasing divisions rather than bringing us together. 

Fear of change was discussed on nearly every table. Fear can stop us improving, stop us trying new things, the fear of failure or the risk of being sued. How can we become more efficient if we are scared to make ourselves vulnerable? 

The next ‘Conversations to Transform Health and Care’ event is at Woodend Creative, Scarborough on 11 July. Book your free ticket here.  

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