How do we stay better connected?

Conversation starter: Jessie Jacobs 

Jessie started this conversation because, although she feels very well connected in some areas of her life, in her work (the field of addiction and homelessness) she does not feel connected at all. 

Amber agreed that there is a disconnect between the services she works across. Could we create a digital link? 

The conversation turned from ‘how can professionals better connect with each other?’ to ‘how we can better connect with patients and service users?’ 

We are often so fixated on shiny digital solutions that we forget how much we need the human element. We need to work out what problems requires human ‘care’ and which are simply administrative tasks that can be solved with tech.  

Jessie said: “Technology should really free us up to have those more human interactions.” 

We discussed social/community GPs who prescribe social activities to those in their communities. 

Emma talked about connecting with your elderly neighbours, who may be unable to adopt digital solutions. Do the layers of safeguarding and bureaucracy prevent us from being able to help fellow members of our community in person? 

Sarah talked about an A.I smart-home for the elderly. The automation of the services inside the house had the potential by-product of keeping the resident better connected. 

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