The Leeds Way – and how we can all thrive in it…

Like most big cities Leeds has a certain way of working, informed by history and power.  It has a ‘dominant paradigm’.

For many this way of working is just fine.  And they work (consciously or not) to maintain it.

For others it leaves them frustrated, excluded and discriminated against.

These people are usually working in a different paradigm.  They are trying (consciously or not) to establish new paradigms.

Some of us are working to reinforce existing working patterns, while some of us are developing new patterns of working.

In this free workshop session we will bring together a diverse group of people from a wide range of backgrounds to develop a way of thinking about how we work and what might be possible in our own work around developing a new paradigm in Leeds.

Old Paradigm? New Paradigm?
Exclusive Inclusive
Hierarchy Networks
Curing Illness Creating wellness
Professionally led Community led
Top down Bottom up
Culture as economic development Culture as community development
In search of GDP/GVA In search of Wellbeing
Bio-medical Psycho-social
Deficit based Asset based
Environment to be exploited Environment to be loved

So, whether you are working to improve and strengthen the existing paradigm or to create a new one – then please do join us at the The Playlab in the St Johns Centre on

Register here

Mike and Emma

5 thoughts on “The Leeds Way – and how we can all thrive in it…”

  1. Would love to be there – but I work in the other paradigm. Any way we can have the same workshop at another time?

    1. I’m in the same situation, Jon.

      The workshop definitely sounds a brilliant idea and I am glad I have come across Thrive together. I now work part time so in theory can come to more events like this – but on a Monday or a Tuesday.

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